All About Italy Reader's Link

A new online compendium of books, CDs and DVDs available at the Santa Cruz Public Library

Ciao Tutti!! - The Dante Alighieri Society has worked with the Santa Cruz Public Library (SCPL) staff to create a special Readers Link (or online list) for all things Italian, called "All About Italy." The list is organized by category, including: non-fiction (history, art, architecture, cooking, etc.), fiction (novels, short stories, etc.), audio books, music CDs, film DVDs, kids books and travel guides. (We are hoping soon to also add language learning materials.)

To reach the new "All About Italy" Reader's Link, go to: http://www.santacruzpl.org/readers/booklists/43/

The Society was given its name in honor of Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest writers and poets in Italian history, who was born in Florence in 1265. It was through the powerful and experimental verses of Dante's Divine Comedy that Tuscan became the literary language of Italy.

General Directions:

  1. Once in the "All About Italy" Reader's Link, you should see the title and thumbnail (image) for each item (although not all items have thumbnail images). You can scroll through the list using your mouse or up/down arrows to scan the variety of items. The items are listed alphabetically within each category.

  2. Click on any item to see what the library has, and the availability at various SCPL branches.

  3. Click again on the title and you can scroll all the way down to see descriptions, book reviews, and notes on the author. (Not available for all items, but helpful where it is available.)

  4. Sometimes there is a Google Preview option - click the google preview button to see a few pages of the item.

  5. When you are done looking at an item, click the back arrow to step back and return to the list.

  6. If you get totally lost, just use the link above and start over (easiest way to get back).

We hope you find this new resource useful to you as you explore the culture, food, language, history, or whatever else interests you about Italy. Contact us at dantesantacruz1265@gmail.com if you have any questions or problems with the site. Or if you know of other items you would like to see the Santa Cruz Public Library add to the list.